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A-Coo-Stik is Scotland's best cow themed open mic night event, held in the relaxed setting of Aberdeen's Cellar 35. At an A-Coo-Stik evening, everyone is welcome to get up on stage and have a bash at whatever they do best - guitar players, piano players, comedians, poets, cow impersonators - you got the talent, we and the audience wanna hear about it!!!

But how, I hear you ask! Simply turn up on a Thursday evening after 8pm at Cellar 35 and ask our open mic host to put your name on the list. Get here early for guaranteed stage time!. We've got the instruments and the atmosphere, just bring the talent, support and your good self!!

A-coo-stik has recently celebrated its first birthday as a musical venture at Cellar 35, hoo-ray! We've launched this new website to celebrate it, so have a browse, and please make good use of the Forum - it's there so all of us can hear and voice our opinions on the open mic event, the website and the state of the local Aberdeen music scene! Thanks to everyone who has supported us during this year and long may it continue!!!

Every Thursday: A-Coo-Stik Open Mic, 8-12pm,
Cellar 35 Aberdeen

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